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Collecting Dolls
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Dolls are one of the most widely sought-after collectables and provide insights into social history.  The history of dolls records both the changing attitudes to children as well as changes in manufacturing technologies.  From the hand carved wooden dolls of the 18th century, to the fine porcelain bébés of the late 19th century and the development of plastics in the 20th century, dolls have changed with the times.  Dolls have been made from wood, wax, cloth, china, paper, rubber and plastic.  Whether you enjoy owning or collecting the dolls of your childhood,  antique dolls, or making dolls you will find our club an enjoyable fun place to be! We can help you identify and record your dolls, help with advice on repairs, and provide you with resources to learn more about dolls and collecting them. The clothes dolls have worn have also reflected the fashions of the day and many of our members enjoy making and displaying clothes they have made. Dressing dolls can be a fun pastime that allows you to express your creativity. 
Our members collect and make a wide range of dolls. From the finest french dolls of the 19th century to the much loved Pedigrees of the 1950’s and more recent dolls of the 1980’s, 90’s and 2000’s, you will find a welcoming group to help you with your collecting passion! We hold regular discussion groups and lectures on collecting old dolls and can help you source repairers, doll clothes and accessoiries for your dolls. A large group of our members are doll makers. We regularly hold talks and workshops.  
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